firefighters risk asbestos exposure and mesothelioma while working an active attic fire

Firefighters Risk Asbestos Exposure and Mesothelioma at Work

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Asbestos exposure and it’s related disease, Mesothelioma, are probably the last thing on firefighters’ minds when they arrive to a burning structure. But these firefighters risk asbestos exposure frequently as they bravely face roaring fires. Their health is jeopardized by the risk of inhaling asbestos fibers in buildings constructed in the early 1900s. These dangerous particles are released into the …

asbestos exposure risk high for urban explorers in abandoned buildings

Asbestos Exposure in Old Buildings Harmful to Urban Explorers

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Urban exploration has become a new trend on Instagram. Despite asbestos exposure related mesothelioma risks it continues to grow in popularity. There’s something about the geometric properties of classic architecture – worn down by time – that adds an extra impact to the stories told by these forgotten spaces. The captivating style has become so popular that some of the …